Siggraph Approaches

Almost here now, and what are we going to be not surprised about this year?

Hmmm, let’s see…

Autodesk Maya 2009 will be launched with some amazing new changes to the interface and not a lot else unless you are a computer programmer in which case you’ll cream your pants at the way python has made major leaps with the API.

All other software will be porting to 64 bit versions – the one’s that haven’t already, that is – , and XSI will be ICE-ing all over the place.  Oh, chills…

And, of course, a raft of white papers to float on over the sea of hair, water, cloth and skin issues that face the CGI world every day.  Cloth capture?  Why?  I want to spend the better half of a week fighting with nCloth, do you mind?

Add to that the recreation of real world dynaics such as erosion and the like and what is there for me to do but sit back and wait for these wonderful effects to cahce.  Should be done in a month or two…

You can find out the program at:


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