New Website

Hi there.

Just a quick note to anybody who might be reading my blog, I have completely updated my main website.  The tutorials have gone offline for now, but everything else is pretty much there.  Learning Flash is becoming a positive new thing and I have begun dreaming in actionscript.  Only 2.0 though, 3.0 I will get to.

Anyway, please take a look and tell me what you think.  Bye.


Computer Arts Projects

Here are some images of the Computer Arts Projects tutorial in magazine 117 that I wrote.  Doing something and then seeing it in print is just an amazing sensation.

Computer Arts Project Magazine 117

Computer Arts Project Magazine 117

Page 1 of the walkthrough - yep that's me in the tiny picture - bleurgh!

Page 1 of the walkthrough - yep that

Last page

Last page

There you go, three images of my stuff in print.  See it really is me!

Speak to you all soon


Doctor Who Christmas Special 2008

Right.  just so’s you know, I’m totally sobre now.  Ahem.

Well, after repeated watching of the 2 minute segment on BBC Children in Need, I have come to som interesting conclusions about what I watched and here they are:

1. When they are both holding out sonic screwdrivers, the Doctor’s is a real sonic screwdriver, and the other is a plain, boring screwdriver.  Interesting.

2. If David Morrisey was going to be the new Doctor, why ruin the regeneration with something like this?

3. What sort of cyberman is that?! Quite an interesting wig for a cyberman.

Only five weeks and a bit to find out!


Been a while

Wow, when was that last post?  Blimey!

To say I’ve been a bit busy would be an understatement.  Saying that, I had better explain.  As well as my regular daily job, I also write every month for 3DWorld magazine – in fact, I have just completed the Q&A for magazine 113 about how to create sliver tarnish with CGI (got the question from the CGTalk forum here) – and prior top that I was working on some design work for a friend.  It’s all a big sauce bottle labelling thing.  See what you think of one of the labels – minus important details of course:

barbecue sauce
barbecue sauce

Ther are going to be 10 in all, but I’ve gotten this one and the other two off to the printers so far.  Still, I’m pleased with the results so far.  The guy who is behind the sauces is called Vito (great name) and he also runs and is the head chef in a little restaurant not far from where I live called Vito’s Trattoria – funnily enough.  you can find out more about this place here.

As well as this, I have just finished a review for 3DWorld of Maya 2009.  boy it’s a doozy of an upgrade.  I won’t drive you mad about it right now, but the fact of the matter is, it’s actually really good.  I mean, as far as I can tell, it’s very good.  time was limited for the review, I won’t deny that, mainly because of a licensing system that requires you to have access to the 2009 webkey (which is almost completely impossible to get to – damn their eyes) but to give you the general gist, it’s a bit better than 2008.  Oh yes, it is.  And nPartilces?  Ooh, I could watch them all day.

nParticles colliding and spilling out of nCloth.  Just wow.
nParticles colliding and spilling out of nCloth. Just wow.
nPartilces using the nucleus technology flowing down a volume axis curve force.  Still wow.
nPartilces using the nucleus technology flowing down a volume axis curve force. Still wow.

Just in case you were wondering as well, yes, Mental Ray is by far better implemented thatnks to the software now being owned by Autodesk and long may it continue.  Here’s an image using FG, GI and some models both built and bought for a walkthrough.

Spanish Living Room - ish.
Spanish Living Room – ish.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to.  What have you been doing?  Let me know.  The review comes out in next month’s 3DWorld and the Computer Arts Project piece I mentioned last time or two ago is now on the shelves.  The mag really is amazing, and I think any budding designers and motion graphics people should give it a look.

Bye for now