Doctor Who Christmas Special 2008

Right.  just so’s you know, I’m totally sobre now.  Ahem.

Well, after repeated watching of the 2 minute segment on BBC Children in Need, I have come to som interesting conclusions about what I watched and here they are:

1. When they are both holding out sonic screwdrivers, the Doctor’s is a real sonic screwdriver, and the other is a plain, boring screwdriver.  Interesting.

2. If David Morrisey was going to be the new Doctor, why ruin the regeneration with something like this?

3. What sort of cyberman is that?! Quite an interesting wig for a cyberman.

Only five weeks and a bit to find out!



1 thought on “Doctor Who Christmas Special 2008

  1. Hi Gary,

    I have a sneaking suspicion this will be a slight steal from Big Finish’s The One Doctor, where a con man and his female assistant contrive various ‘disasters’ then waltz in as “The Doctor and his assistant” to take all the credit and any rewards that might be in the offing… Then of course, the real Doctor and companion turn up and naturally, all hell breaks loose. It was a Christmas comedy drama a few years ago for Colin Baker and Bonnie Langford, woth Christopher Biggins and Clare Buckfield as the pretenders.

    This looks like it could well be something along those lines. But I love David Morrissey, so I really don;t care. Fabulous actor.

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