The 11th Doctor – Who?

Matt Smith - the 11th Doctor

Matt Smith - the 11th Doctor

This is the face of the next doctor.  Slightly young isn’t it.

Yesterday on a 35 minute special on the BBC, Doctor Who Confidential went through and listed the last ten doctor’s before quite unceremoniously letting the world see the face of Matt Smith talking with his extremely long fingers about his take on the role of the 11th Doctor.

Personally, I think the adult fanbase will be a little worried about this.  Reminding myself that it is a children’s show, maybe having a Doctor only seven years out of his teens – but looking like a nineteen year old student, let’s be frank – will make the whole thing even more down with the kiddies.  It might, however, make it more like the a Sarah Jane Adventure than a Doctor Who.  How can he face down a Dalek?  At least he’ll be fit enough to run away.

And as for the general take on this?  My six year old Daughter put it quite well.  She took one look at him and said, “He’s going to be the next Doctor? Oh.  Okay.”  The truth of it is, my 37 years means nothing.  If my children accept him as well as they did Tennant’s take on the Doctor – which has become the new benchmark since Tom Baker and his jelly-babies – then Moffat et al will win over us oldies.

Time will tell.


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