A white out and black out

Okay, yup, snow, yadda yadda yadda.  It’s all over the UK.  First time in years, whatever.

It’s cool, in more ways that one, especially as it means I’m getting out of the office and taking any work I can home.  Rather be buried near Buxton than in the depths of Manchester

Also, hell’s teeth!  The bandwidth on http://www.garynoden.co.uk was been exceeded so I’m going to have to find a cheaper way of getting out the files.  I think. I’m going to have to keep the archives and just leave up the PDFs seeing as they don’t take up much room in comparison.  If you need the archives, I’ll sort out another way of getting them to people.  As soon as I can upload again, I’ll put this info on the website.

As for now if you try to go to my site, well, you can’t.  And I can’t afford over £150 a year for unlimited bandwidth right now.

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