Supernatural’s Lucifer

Here in the UK, the last episode of season 4 of “Supernatural” aired about a week ago, with the opening of Hell and, I am assuming, the direct opposite of God Rays coming out of it heralding the rise of Lucifer.

Well, the identity of Lucifer has been confirmed as Mark Pellegrino.


Jacob in Lost.

An abusive husband in “Dexter”.

Now Lucifer.

So, not really typecast as a seriously deranged individual, then…


4 thoughts on “Supernatural’s Lucifer

    • I still haven’t seen Chuck!

      Some friends last night lent us the first series of Dexter, and I am so besotted with Fringe it might take a while before I get round to it, but Chuck, I have been told and have heard from the guys at Slice of Sci Fi, is amazing.

      I’ll get to it. Eventually.


  1. I first liked this guy in his role as the German clock technician in Northern Exposure. I was so happy to see his career take off like this, recently! I like his acting.

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