Muddle Earth on BBC iplayer

You can see the first episode – Footwear of Doom – right now on the bbc iplayer – oh and in HD too, seeing as everything has been produced at 1080p it makes sense!

SD –

HD –

Hope you like it.  All comments appreciated.


Muddle Earth airing in the UK


After a pretty full on last week, the first half of Muddle Earth is over and the first Episode to air (schedule number two) Footwear of Doom just aired on BBC1.

The next twelve episode are airing weekdays at 3.50pm on BBC1 and repeated later on the BBC HD Channel.

We all just sat down in front of the big telly and watched it.  Just before it statred, I felt as thought I might be sick, all really nervous.  Even though we have all seen this enough times to drive us crazy, the rush of seeing it actually on the box made me grin from ear to ear for the whole 15 minutes.

Give it a go.  I know it’s for kids, but there is one or two things in there that might make you laugh.

Or it that just me?