Monsters vs. Aliens.

Right, well, I saw a really early version of the trailer from Comic-con shot on a phone, and since then there has been some major tweaking of the trailer. It’s up at the Apple sight, and if, like me, you like your movies full of pop culture references, this little puppy is the one for you.

Plus it’s all CGI and it’s going to be shown in some cinema in 3D too.  God, I love this sort of stuff.  It’s what my eyes were created for.


You know, the more and more that I see of the Watchmen stuff, the more interested I am in seeing the finished result.

Watchmen is one of the most worried over genre pieces of our time, and if it gets all messed up and so far away from the original text – we know Hollywood can’t do perfect copies in any way or form –  a lot of people will we screaming for blood.  The trailer makes me less nervous as every single frame has been lifted almost completely from the comic.  This bodes well, as does this picture :

It couldn’t be more accuate if it tried.

I also came across this too:

It’s like looking into the graphic novel.

Let’s hope ites as good as we all want it to be.

more leaks than a badly made boat…

I initially had this as this post:

Let us pray to the power of mobile phones and the internet.

A cg film based on the apocalyptic ruskie-terrorised american movie icons of the 1950 such as the Blob, The Attack of the 50 foot woman et al.  The Fly, anyone?

Whatever.  I’ll still wait until it comes out on DVD.

But Paramount, as Disney with the tron 2 trailer, have removed it.

If you guys in power are out there listening, even though no one is yet by the lack of comments, then release things to the world all at the same time, then people won’t do this.

TR2N – aka TRON 2

Take a look at this.

This is purported to be a trailer for Tron 2 recorded illegally on a cell phone at comicon last week.

It is becoming harder and harder to find at all on the web, Disney getting every version removed, which is fair enough, it is there’s after all, but if this is anything to go by, it’ll be worth the two year wait.

Light cycles looking more like the bat bike but with the aesthetic of the first one it could be great.  One of my colleagues thinks the first film in a pile, so he has no faith in it at all.

For my penny, give it a go.  I love the first one.  Not to mention it also has a very young Bruce Boxleitner in it, which being a huge B5 fan makes me smile.