Kuroshio Sea – 2nd largest aquarium tank in the world – shot on 5dmk2 on Vimeo

Wow.  Just one word, “Wow” is all I have to describe the beauty of this piece of footage.

Jon Rawlinson, Canadian Producer, Cameraman and Editor, has filmed the second largest aquarium in the world and put a track to it called “Please Don’t Go” by Barcelona.  Its a single shot locked off camera that coupled with the music has the power to bring tears to the eyes.   I personally felt overwhelmed and a little insignificant in the world watching this.

He makes an important point about saving the oceans and its life on his vimeo page.  Check it out.   The man has a wonderful eye for visual beauty.

I recommend hitting the fullscreen button and playing it.


Thankfully my wonderful lservice provider has helped in getting my site fixed.  It seemed that there was a permissions problem in the linux server for some unknown reason.

Anyway, it’s going back up as I type, so please take it easy on the downloads and PLEASE don’t hack the site and take everything in one go.

Whether this messed the permissions or not I would like to keep my bandwidth at it’s current cost.  If people want unlimited downloads, then I shall have to put in a paypal button to pay for it and heaven forbid that happening.

Speak to you later!


My Maya Tutorials are back online

Hello there, long time no blog.

Well, I am delighted to let you know that the tutorial section of my website is back up and running.  About time too.  There are 33 tutorials covering a wide range of topics from modelling objects, through animation, dynamics, rendering and some compositing. 

I have some more up and coming – one in particular about nCloth which will go up in a couple of months that shows exactly how to make it… well, you’ll have to wait.   Wow, I’m such a tease.

Anyway go to http://www.garynoden.co.uk follow the link to tutorials and check them out.

New Website

Hi there.

Just a quick note to anybody who might be reading my blog, I have completely updated my main website.  The tutorials have gone offline for now, but everything else is pretty much there.  Learning Flash is becoming a positive new thing and I have begun dreaming in actionscript.  Only 2.0 though, 3.0 I will get to.

Anyway, please take a look and tell me what you think.  Bye.