Showreel 2008

Well, it’s finally finished, and I should have it up on the website sometime in the next couple of weeks, but my new reel – albeit a product of a lot of old and some new work – will be up and visible at some time in the not too distant future on my website.

Due to one or two things on their not actually being out in the public domain yet, I will have to keep it back for a while, but I am pretty happy with the results so far.

I might tweak it though, I’m a bit of a beggar for that sort of thing!

Anyway, when it does go up, I hope you like it



UPDATED WEBSITE – check it out!

Finally made my way around to adding some of my photography to the website. Mostly taken over the last three years, this is something I love to do, but have had little time to do anything about.  Work finally dropped down to a reasonable level – got loads of stuff finished which is GREAT – and I managed to update the site at the dame time!

Did I mention I am trying to write a novel too?  I have now written around 30,000 words – approx 180 pages of double lined monospaced font – and that’s coming along well too.

right, off home now.  Two daughter’s birthdays over the weekend and I’ve got loads to arrange.

Blue Planet in cheshire tomorrow… hmmm… Better take the camera!