Doctor Who: Vampire’s of Venice

Rory Williams:  Hmmm.

There has never been a human character to enter the Tardis and say pretty much anything other than “it’s bigger on the inside”.  What does he say?

“It’s another dimension” – and with an almost malevolent expression too.  It’s only for a second, but without knowing I would say this is the face of a man who does not like the Doctor.  No, not in the he’s-nicked-my-girlfriend way, but in the I-really-hate-you-with-a-passion-beyond-anything way.

And then he backs it up with some references to FTL – Faster Than Light drives a.k.a. space-time travel – and parallel universes.  Is this a hint being dropped onto us by Moffatt?  Maybe.

And no one, no one is that boring. Even Mickey had something about him. No, I think there’s more to this guy than meets the eye.  As to seeing more than one Doctor in this episode (check out my previous post for what I mean by this) I haven’t noticed it yet, but give me a chance.