New Website

Hi there.

Just a quick note to anybody who might be reading my blog, I have completely updated my main website.  The tutorials have gone offline for now, but everything else is pretty much there.  Learning Flash is becoming a positive new thing and I have begun dreaming in actionscript.  Only 2.0 though, 3.0 I will get to.

Anyway, please take a look and tell me what you think.  Bye.



I’ve just uploaded the new reel to my website,  you can find it here.

Please leave me some kind of feedback, whenther you like ot or not.

If you want a breakdown of the jobs, also ask me and I’ll send one to you



Showreel 2008

Hi there, just an update on the Reel for 2008.  Well, it’s finished but I now have to wait for legal reasons before I can put it up, Boo Hoo.

You see, some of the work on it has yet to be broadcast, and even though you could consider it early viral advertising, it’s not going to make people happy when they see it.

I can tell you it is 3 minutes long and the music is a Krafty Kuts Remix of Taking Over by Ralph Robles from Fabriclive ’34.

Speak soon