Doctor Who: Flesh and Stone – Which Doctor

Just watched this again after listening to Flashing Blade Episode 1-48.

At 7.25 minutes in on the bbc iplayer version, the Doctor leaves Amy and he’s not wearing a jacket. He then returns a few moments later with his shirt back on, and his right sleeve rolled up.  Also, if you listen to the sound, it sounds a little echoey, almost as if they are somewhere else.

So, this is something else, isn’t it?  I mean, this is a Doctor from another episode come in to tell Amy to trust him, and to remember what he said to her when they first met.  This means I’ve got to go back to the Eleventh Hour and watch it yet again.  Not to mention all of the others so far too.

It’s getting like looking for the Observer (CBG – Creepy Bald Guy) on Fringe.  And that is also touching genius at the moment.  Nuff said there, about Season 2, just in case.