Doctor Who: Vampire’s of Venice

Rory Williams:  Hmmm.

There has never been a human character to enter the Tardis and say pretty much anything other than “it’s bigger on the inside”.  What does he say?

“It’s another dimension” – and with an almost malevolent expression too.  It’s only for a second, but without knowing I would say this is the face of a man who does not like the Doctor.  No, not in the he’s-nicked-my-girlfriend way, but in the I-really-hate-you-with-a-passion-beyond-anything way.

And then he backs it up with some references to FTL – Faster Than Light drives a.k.a. space-time travel – and parallel universes.  Is this a hint being dropped onto us by Moffatt?  Maybe.

And no one, no one is that boring. Even Mickey had something about him. No, I think there’s more to this guy than meets the eye.  As to seeing more than one Doctor in this episode (check out my previous post for what I mean by this) I haven’t noticed it yet, but give me a chance.



Doctor Who: Flesh and Stone – Which Doctor

Just watched this again after listening to Flashing Blade Episode 1-48.

At 7.25 minutes in on the bbc iplayer version, the Doctor leaves Amy and he’s not wearing a jacket. He then returns a few moments later with his shirt back on, and his right sleeve rolled up.  Also, if you listen to the sound, it sounds a little echoey, almost as if they are somewhere else.

So, this is something else, isn’t it?  I mean, this is a Doctor from another episode come in to tell Amy to trust him, and to remember what he said to her when they first met.  This means I’ve got to go back to the Eleventh Hour and watch it yet again.  Not to mention all of the others so far too.

It’s getting like looking for the Observer (CBG – Creepy Bald Guy) on Fringe.  And that is also touching genius at the moment.  Nuff said there, about Season 2, just in case.

Doctor Who Season 5 (ish) Episode 1 – SPOILERS!


Okay, I’m going to make this quick as I’ve got a backout blind to put up.  It’s the blitz in 1939, Derbyshire.  Confounded time circuits…

Last night, Episode 1 of the new series of Doctor Who.

Great start.  Really, great.  Matt Smith channeling a small amount of Tennant as well as reforming into his gawky college professor at the same time – maybe it’s not being used to the new legs – and the madness of RTD coupled with more natural colours, bringing Moffat’s reign in at as gentle parabola rather than a smash of a change.  Great.  Titles time tunnel effects?  No, don’t like them one bit.  It’ll take time for me to like that.  Especially the, ahem, fiery corridor.

BUT, I can’t get Amy Pond out of my head. No, not for that reason.  There’s something all together, for want of a better word, alien about her.

Amy Pond, is she human?  I’m not that sure.

1.  The beasty in the episode came through a crack in the space in her bedroom that it did not create.  Who did?  Amy or the invisible Aunt?

2. The beasty has been in prison or her house, it’s only contact with the outside world being Amelia/Amy.  How does it know about this, word probably wrong here, Pandoricle that will silence the world?  From the Aunt or from it’s psychic link with Amy?

3. Where are her parents?  We only know she was raised in Scotland.  Her “Aunt” now looking after her.

4. She is scared of nothing really.  That’s not completely normal for a 12 year old child.

5. The Doctor does seem to be quite interested in her and that crack, the contents of the monitor above the console being a wavelength superimposed over the crack. – I’m sure he knows more than he’s letting on.

6. Is she Gallifreyan?  When the Doctor questions her choice of career, she says, “You sound like my Aunt.”  Possibly a throw away line, but this is Steven Moffat after all.  Perhaps she is being hidden on Earth for some reason by a timelord as she is this pandoricle or something to do with it, maybe she is capable of causing collosal cracks in the Space Time Continuum and Earth is, as the Doctor reminds us, a level 5 protected planet.  If I was a child with this sort of power and I ended up living in England away from my home, I mnighnt accidentally open up a crack with my unbalanced emotions.

7.  All this could be bollocks and she might just be a normal girl running away from reality…  Yeah, right.

Final word.

We all know that SM wants to make Doctor Who a little more reminiscent of the classic series, but keeping the feel of the new series.  Who wouldn’t, sounds like the perfect decision to me.  And, as we all know, the classic Doctors had alien companions as well as Earth born ones.  Is this a cushion into introducing a non human companion?  Oo, I do hope so.

All the Best Who stuff at the Mo

Here is the one of the best places for the podcasting lowdown on everything Doctor Who:

Podshock at the Gallifreyan Embassy

It’s three guys – one in theUK, two in the US – who love to talk about all things Who.

Also, Cadmium2 is a wonderful point of interest in relation to Doctor Who, you can find them here and they rock.  Also, they have a wonderful archive of podcasts that relate to all things Cult in the UK.

Please keep looking at these sites as they really do have podcasts so worth listening to.

Boy, one of these days I’m going to find some time to do a podcast myself.

The 11th Doctor – Who?

Matt Smith - the 11th Doctor

Matt Smith - the 11th Doctor

This is the face of the next doctor.  Slightly young isn’t it.

Yesterday on a 35 minute special on the BBC, Doctor Who Confidential went through and listed the last ten doctor’s before quite unceremoniously letting the world see the face of Matt Smith talking with his extremely long fingers about his take on the role of the 11th Doctor.

Personally, I think the adult fanbase will be a little worried about this.  Reminding myself that it is a children’s show, maybe having a Doctor only seven years out of his teens – but looking like a nineteen year old student, let’s be frank – will make the whole thing even more down with the kiddies.  It might, however, make it more like the a Sarah Jane Adventure than a Doctor Who.  How can he face down a Dalek?  At least he’ll be fit enough to run away.

And as for the general take on this?  My six year old Daughter put it quite well.  She took one look at him and said, “He’s going to be the next Doctor? Oh.  Okay.”  The truth of it is, my 37 years means nothing.  If my children accept him as well as they did Tennant’s take on the Doctor – which has become the new benchmark since Tom Baker and his jelly-babies – then Moffat et al will win over us oldies.

Time will tell.

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2008

Right.  just so’s you know, I’m totally sobre now.  Ahem.

Well, after repeated watching of the 2 minute segment on BBC Children in Need, I have come to som interesting conclusions about what I watched and here they are:

1. When they are both holding out sonic screwdrivers, the Doctor’s is a real sonic screwdriver, and the other is a plain, boring screwdriver.  Interesting.

2. If David Morrisey was going to be the new Doctor, why ruin the regeneration with something like this?

3. What sort of cyberman is that?! Quite an interesting wig for a cyberman.

Only five weeks and a bit to find out!