A thank you to 50p Badges

I just bought some badges.  And I wanted to share that.

No honestly, they are 25mm badges – the little ones – and they cost 50pence each and they come from a chap near Glasgow who sells them through his website http://www.50pbadges.com/

I found out about them thanks to Helen and Olly’s Answer Me This podcast – and I even bought two of their badges.

I very much recommend them and I say go there as soon as you can and spend the little dribble of cash you’ve still got in your paypal account and cover yourself in great little badges.

I know I’m going to get more!

Computer Arts

I have just completed a noob tutorial for Computer Arts Projects which will feature in Magazine 117 about how to do simple rigging and deformation animation in Maya.  It’s been some time since I did any rigging, and was a good exercise for me as well as being a good introduction for Designers on how Maya can be used in their output.

Also, check out the magazine anyway.  It’s amazingly great quality and gives a wonderful insight into how people are using print and design media in the modern day.

Check out the magazine now here and, if you can, when my tutorial goes to press in 2 month’s time.

Maya Tutorials updated.

Morning from wet and windy Manchester in the UK.

I managed to get some time together to put up two new tutorials on the website:

Q&A107 from 3DWorld – Is it possible to do Toon lines on Instances?

Q&A108 from 3DWorld – Is there a way to transfer a lattice between objects?

you can get them by this direct link to the tutorials page here.

You can also see my new reel here too.

If by any chance you want a question answering about Maya, please let me know and if it fits in with the magazine it might even make it into print as a full blown tutorial.

See you around.

Tom Palmer – Foul Play

Here is a plug for a book written by a friend of mine.

His name is Tom Palmer, and he is writing a seriis of young teen detective novels, the first one out now by puffin books called Foul Play – and it’s top.  no kidding, I hate football and am 38, but this is really a good work of fiction, well plotted and fabulously written.  As books go, it’s on a par with the best.

Anyway, get it and read it.  you can find it on amazon here.

I definitely recommend this one.

You can find out more about Tom here, too.


I’ve just uploaded the new reel to my website, www.garynoden.co.uk.  you can find it here.

Please leave me some kind of feedback, whenther you like ot or not.

If you want a breakdown of the jobs, also ask me and I’ll send one to you