My Maya Tutorials are back online

Hello there, long time no blog.

Well, I am delighted to let you know that the tutorial section of my website is back up and running.  About time too.  There are 33 tutorials covering a wide range of topics from modelling objects, through animation, dynamics, rendering and some compositing. 

I have some more up and coming – one in particular about nCloth which will go up in a couple of months that shows exactly how to make it… well, you’ll have to wait.   Wow, I’m such a tease.

Anyway go to follow the link to tutorials and check them out.

Monsters vs. Aliens.

Right, well, I saw a really early version of the trailer from Comic-con shot on a phone, and since then there has been some major tweaking of the trailer. It’s up at the Apple sight, and if, like me, you like your movies full of pop culture references, this little puppy is the one for you.

Plus it’s all CGI and it’s going to be shown in some cinema in 3D too.  God, I love this sort of stuff.  It’s what my eyes were created for.

All the Best Who stuff at the Mo

Here is the one of the best places for the podcasting lowdown on everything Doctor Who:

Podshock at the Gallifreyan Embassy

It’s three guys – one in theUK, two in the US – who love to talk about all things Who.

Also, Cadmium2 is a wonderful point of interest in relation to Doctor Who, you can find them here and they rock.  Also, they have a wonderful archive of podcasts that relate to all things Cult in the UK.

Please keep looking at these sites as they really do have podcasts so worth listening to.

Boy, one of these days I’m going to find some time to do a podcast myself.

The 11th Doctor – Who?

Matt Smith - the 11th Doctor

Matt Smith - the 11th Doctor

This is the face of the next doctor.  Slightly young isn’t it.

Yesterday on a 35 minute special on the BBC, Doctor Who Confidential went through and listed the last ten doctor’s before quite unceremoniously letting the world see the face of Matt Smith talking with his extremely long fingers about his take on the role of the 11th Doctor.

Personally, I think the adult fanbase will be a little worried about this.  Reminding myself that it is a children’s show, maybe having a Doctor only seven years out of his teens – but looking like a nineteen year old student, let’s be frank – will make the whole thing even more down with the kiddies.  It might, however, make it more like the a Sarah Jane Adventure than a Doctor Who.  How can he face down a Dalek?  At least he’ll be fit enough to run away.

And as for the general take on this?  My six year old Daughter put it quite well.  She took one look at him and said, “He’s going to be the next Doctor? Oh.  Okay.”  The truth of it is, my 37 years means nothing.  If my children accept him as well as they did Tennant’s take on the Doctor – which has become the new benchmark since Tom Baker and his jelly-babies – then Moffat et al will win over us oldies.

Time will tell.

Happy New Year!

Yup, I’m late again.  But then you ask my Editor.  He is getting very used to it now

New Years Resolutions:

1. Lose 20 pounds – and I’m not talking cash.

2. Learn 3DS Max – it’s about time I learnt how to do anything in it.   Maya’s cool, but it’s good to know as much as you can about everything to do with your job, I always think.

3. Finish writing one book, instead of writing three at the same time albiet in different stages.

4. I can’t remember.  Oh yes! Improve my memory, that was it!


Anyway, none of the above will happen, but I can dream

See ya